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WOW!'s Writing a Novel With a Writing Coach

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Are you writing a novel? Do you need a writing coach to keep you accountable and provide feedback as you go? Join Margo L. Dill in an online workshop environment, where you can work with her (and possibly other students, depending on interest) to get a first or second draft of a novel completed. Novelists for almost any genre (no erotica or extreme violence please) are welcome. Depending on your needs, Margo will also provide you with resources on writing novels and help with writing a synopsis and query letter.

2019 price: $130.00 (Classes start the first Friday of every month!)

Testimonials: " I owe my renewed enthusiasm for my long-suffering novel to Margo’s WOW! Writing a Novel with a Writing Coach class. Her critiques were informative and respectful. I’m now refocusing the novel and will take this course again. I highly recommend Margo." 

– Elizabeth Maggio  

 "I have taken a few classes with Margo over several years. I walked away smarter as a writer with an actionable to-do list. As a writing coach, she was honest and challenged me in unexpected ways. I highly recommend her."

 – Marie Hanson 

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WOW!'s School Visits and Author Talks

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If you are a children’s or a YA author or an illustrator, then part of your book marketing will be participating in school visits, author talks, and children’s book festivals, where the majority of your audience are kids or teens. For the introverted author or someone who doesn’t have vast experience talking to large groups of children and teens, this can be terrifying. Plus, a whole lot of questions arise for these authors—discussion boards are full of these questions—such as: How much do I charge? How do I let schools know I exist? How do I hold the interest of my audience for 45 minutes to an hour? What if they’ve never heard of me or my books? How do I sell books at these talks if my audience is made up of kids at school?

In this class, we will explore the answers to these general questions as well as individual questions that pertain to the students in each session. This course is like the writing conference workshop you always wished organizers would include—and more!

2019 price: $99 (Classes are offered at various times throughout the year. Click the button for more details.)

Testimonial: "Margo Dill and I were in ... Working Writer’s Club, and she taught workshops by phone for the club. They were informative and well planned. Her years of experience were evident in these workshops." ~ Marlene Hibbard 

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WOW!'s Individualized Marketing for Authors

WOW! Women On Writing's Create a Marketing Plan Class with Margo L. Dill


Marketing is an integral part of success as an author and/or as a writing industry services professional, such as an editor, writing workshop leader, or book cover designer. But how do you know where to spend your money or your time to promote your services or books? Especially in today’s ever-changing publishing and social marketing world?

The key is—there is NOT a one-size-fits-all marketing plan. The answer depends on your genre, audience, budget, time, publisher, service, competition, and more. There are some proven marketing strategies that work across the board for all authors, such as: write an excellent book series, create a fan base of readers and communicate with them, and get book reviews and the word out to new readers. But how do you do this? 

2019 Price: $99 (Classes are offered at various times throughout the year. ) 

Testimonials:  "Margo: Very much enjoyed the course! I finally have a Marketing Plan, which is a first for me. Thank you for everything!" 

~ Joy St. John 

 "I still have a lot of research and learning to do, but your class has given me the tools and the head start I need to get my career going."

 ~ Betty Popp

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More Classes Coming Soon

Books for More Online Writing Classes

In the fall and winter of 2019, stay tuned for a self-study fiction class. This is still in the early stages, so I'm not sure which platform that it will be offered on: here, WOW!,or Patreon. But one of these will host this class to improve your fiction.



I'm very interested in starting something on Patreon. I'm throwing around the idea of submission consultations or contest consultations because I get a lot of requests from authors who are frustrated. I also judge a lot of contests and see what authors do successfully and not so much.  So stay tuned! 

I'm a Speaker Too


Besides being a teacher for 16+ years, I have conducted school assemblies, writing workshops for kids and adults, keynote speeches, teacher trainings, Skype lectures, and more. If you want to hire me as a speaker, my rates are reasonable! You can check out more informaiton on my speaker page