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Anna and the Baking Championship

This is a middle-grade chapter book that's a prequel to my middle-grade historical fiction novel, Finding My Place, set during the American Civil War in Vicksburg, MS. It introduces you to life BEFORE the Siege of Vicksburg for Anna Green and her family.

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Click the button below to go to the Story Origin website, where you will enter your email address and choose if you would like Anna and the Baking Championship as a PDF, Mobi, or ePub file. You can read this book on Kindle or another ereader of your choice--for free. It's great for kids to read to themselves, or you can read it aloud to them! It does teach some about living during the Civil War, but it's a fun story where kids won't know they're learning.  

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If You Are Here Looking for the Parent/Teacher Guide...

In the back of the free Listen, Lucy! Listen! picture book PDF that was available for download in October 2019, it was mentioned that there would be a free resource guide for teachers and parents. What happened is that I wound up writing an entire guide about whole body health and mental health to help children make good choices. So, the parent and teacher guide is no longer ONLY a teacher's guide to go with the book. It will be published in Fall 2020 with a print book and ebook of Listen, Lucy! Listen! I will be offering discounts then, so please stay tuned. Thank you for understanding that sometimes plans change when the muse hits!  I am so excited about this book to help families and teachers help children navigate life.