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Finding My Place

This is a middle-grade historical fiction novel set during the American Civil War in Vicksburg, MS. 

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If You Are Here Looking for the Parent/Teacher Guide...

In the back of the free Listen, Lucy! Listen! picture book PDF that was available for download in October 2019, it was mentioned that there would be a free resource guide for teachers and parents. What happened is that I wound up writing an entire guide about whole body health and mental health to help children make good choices. So, the parent and teacher guide is no longer ONLY a teacher's guide to go with the book. It will be published in Fall 2020 with a print book and ebook of Listen, Lucy! Listen! I will be offering discounts then, so please stay tuned. Thank you for understanding that sometimes plans change when the muse hits!  I am so excited about this book to help families and teachers help children navigate life.