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Finding My Place (middle-grade historical fiction) and Maggie Mae, Detective Extraordinaire: The Case of the Missing Cookies (picture book) are books published by traditional publishers and available on Amazon or on my book page. Each book has been read by hundreds of kids, classrooms, and families. But what I’m the most proud of is that parents and teachers have been able to use both books in a non-threatening and “sneaky” kind of way to teach kids about subjects, such as deductive reasoning, American history, self-esteem, making personal connections, character feelings and motivations, and more. Teachers have bought the books to share with their classes and use them in reading and social studies units. To find out more about each individual book, click above.


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Caught Between Two Curses (contemporary young adult romance with a curse):

To the shock of everyone, including many Chicago Cubs fans, they won the World Series in 2016 and broke the Curse of the Billy Goat–finally. Little do fans everywhere realize that they can thank Julie Nigelson, a 17-year-old girl, who was just trying to figure out her love life and save her uncle from her family’s curse, and happened to break the Billy Goat Curse, too! This is a fun, young adult romance with some elements of the supernatural sprinkled in along with just a little bit of baseball. Even Julie wasn’t happy about that!

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Coming Soon-ish: Women’s Fiction

Title TBD: A 30-something single mom has no idea who she is after loving a narcissist and enabling her alcoholic sister since she was 18. Will she figure it out before she loses her career, her best friend, and–especially, the best guy ever? 

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