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Why Gardening Is Good For Your Health

Okay, I will be honest, I don’t garden. But I know a lot of parents like to do this with their children, and I just posted that article the other day about how to get kids eating healthy. One of the suggestions was letting kids grow their own vegetables and fruits. So sticking with that theme, check out this cool infographic from WhatShed? 


3 thoughts on “Why Gardening Is Good For Your Health”

  1. Judy Stock says:

    My husband and I raised our sons on produce we grew and canned or froze. An added benefit is none of the boys were picky eaters. Of course, boys seldom are. Yes, they have some likes and dislikes, but all of them have grown into healthy eaters. Their wives are happy they are easy to please when it comes to cooking.

    1. luvboxerdogs says:

      That’s awesome. I just can’t tackle gardening right now, BUT I have added lettuce to Katie’s diet. And I have tricked her (LOL) and put some spinach in there too. If it’s green and leafy, she is eating it. 🙂

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