Top 5 Personal Challenges

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Each day is an opportunity to try something new and to test yourself. One of the best ways to achieve more in your life is to set yourself little personal challenges. These challenges do not need to be anything of monumental magnitude. What matters is that they appeal to you and help you to achieve something that will make you feel proud while broadening your horizons. With that being said, read on to discover five of the top personal challenges that many people set for themselves.


  • Overcome a fear – There is only one place to begin, and this is with one of the best personal experiences of them all. Overcoming a fear is something that can provide you with a new lease on life, making you feel incredibly proud and confident to take on anything. Whether you have a fear of spiders, flying, heights, or something else, use this as your opportunity to conquer it. You will be shocked by just how amazing this feels.
  • Get a new job – Many people remain in jobs they aren’t truly happy in because they are scared to move onto something else. However, if you are stuck in a dead-end job, which you don’t enjoy and offers no room for advancement, it is definitely time to make a change. By finding a job that inspires you and motivates you, it will do wonders for your life overall.
  • Give up alcohol – A lot of people rely on alcohol as a stress reliever. They feel like they need it in social situations but the truth is that people don’t. Giving up alcohol can be incredibly liberating, and there are many benefits associated with following the likes of the 12 step recovery program. This includes the following: less likely to snack on bad food, more energy, clearer skin, and less prone to mood swings.


  • Take on a charity challenge – Charity challenges are great because you achieve two things. First, you complete whatever challenge you decide to take on, whether it is hiking a mountain or cycling across the country. Second, you raise money for an important cause.



  • Run a 1/2 or whole marathon – Last but not least, running a marathon is on a lot of people’s to-do lists before they die. Yes, a marathon (or even a 1/2 marathon) requires a lot of effort, dedication, and training, but it is definitely worth it. The exhilaration experienced when crossing the finish line is something that cannot be put into words.


So there you have it: five personal challenges you could set yourself. From running a marathon to overcoming a fear, hopefully, the challenges that have been mentioned above will appeal to you, and you will have found something that you can get started with. Good luck!


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