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Top 5 Parenting Posts for All You Moms and Dads Out There

Since I have a few subjects I write about and accept guest posts about, I’m creating a few round-ups over the next week or so. I’m starting with a subject near and dear to my heart–parenting. WOW! It’s hard, right? Who knew? I guess our parents did, but then they wanted grandchildren, so they kept to themselves. Facebook and Pinterest make it look so easy–and makes us wonder why we are struggling so much. I’m a firm believer in practical parenting, too, as many of you know–let’s get down to what is important and how we can do that important stuff as easily and practical as we can. So…here are FIVE of my favorite posts. Hopefully, you will get some parenting tips from these!  (To find more, you can click the PARENT tag to the right in the TAG CLOUD.)

  1. Having Fun With Your Kids…Say what? Why is having fun important? Besides providing meals, clothing, shelter, and education plus taking our kids to the dentist, doctor, and school, we should also have fun? Yes!This post is inspired by our activities over the weekend and my subsequent thoughts. I’m being a little silly because of course, you know that having fun with your children is important. But let’s also be realistic–a lot of parenting is not fun. …(click the link to read more: ( 
  2. Advice From Grandma: I am Listening… Grandmas love to spoil grandkids and love to give advice. If some of you follow me on WOW! Women On Writing or Facebook, you know that I’m currently watching Gilmore Girls from episode 1 to the reunion show (exclusively for Netflix, that takes place 10 years later in good ole Stars Hollow). This is the best show for an example of “Grandmas love to give advice” because Emily Gilmore constantly shares her wisdom and her unwanted opinion with Lorelai, her daughter and mother of a teenager/young adult. Click to read more… (
  3. A Lesson for the First Time at the Ocean: Get to the Root of the Problem This summer, Katie and I went on a fabulous little trip to visit one of my best friends, who has a condo in Ocean City, Maryland. And this was Katie’s first time to see the ocean. It was her first time on a beach. It was her first time to go into the ocean. And it was the least favorite part of her trip.

    How can this be? (Click the link to read more

  4. Practical Moms Unite: Traveling With Your Child So the 6-year-old and I went on a trip during spring break, and I’m just now posting about it. No, it’s not because I need to recover–it actually went quite well. But I thought now would be a good time to talk about some practical tips for traveling with your child or children with summer break just around the corner.

    First, don’t go to Disneyworld. HA! Just kidding. .. To read more, click the link…(

  5. Put the Parenting Magazines Down and Step Away Carefully One day, my friend Julie said, “Have you seen the latest issue of (Insert some wonderful parenting magazine here) and their suggestions for back-to-school lunches?”

    The funny thing is I had seen that article–I think it must have been a free issue sent to many houses, and I remember thinking: Do people really make these types of entrees for their child’s school lunch? Coconut and raisin pita roll up?  To read more, click the link…(

There are my top 5. Remember, I’m always looking for good parenting tips and guest posts about humorous parenting issues, as well as any serious topics you want to discuss. You can email me at margolynndill (at)! Happy practical parenting!


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