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Ways To Help Your Child Improve Their Self-Esteem by Charlie Baulm

Charlie Baulm is a researcher in the fields of addiction and mental health. After battling with addiction himself and finding sobriety,

Ideas for Generating Self-Love and Why It’s Crucial

Self-care and emotional health are two subjects that readers of this blog said they’re interested in reading more about. It’s

Learning To Listen To My Gut

“Always trust your gut. It knows what your head hasn’t figured out yet.” ~Anonymous Geez, if only I could easily

Working Through The Comparison Trap

Recently, I was in a video/book study called The Comparison Trap. This little four-week course is life-changing. Well, I should

Life is All About Your Reaction and Your Tribe

Today on Facebook, I saw the quote: Life is 10 percent what happens to you, and 90 percent how you

A Letter to a Narcissist

A little bit of creative writing I’ve been working on… Dear Narcissist: I am no longer going to be a

Keeping Your Sense of Self When You’re a Mother and Wife

contributed article It’s fair to say, as women, we have drawn the short straw in many respects, and there’s no

Don’t Let Fear Rule You

I typed this title on this blog post, as if I don’t let FEAR rule me. I know sometimes I

Raising a Tall Daughter

I titled this post raising a TALL daughter, instead of just raising a daughter, because all of us raising a


I am tired. I am tired of fighting every day: my emotions my desire to hide other people’s opinions  my