Share Your Parenting and Grandparenting True Confessions To Win a Prize

Deadline Extended to January 15, 2019. See below!

As a parent or a grandparent, have you done anything you never imagined you would when parenting (or grand-parenting) your child? These are the funny stories we’re saving to tell them one day when they have children of their own. These are the moments when life was giving us a curve ball, and we swung the best we could. These are the posts we choose not to share on social media–just yet.

But I want to hear them! I’m having a “true confessions” contest! Let me give you a couple of examples from my own life, after all–if I’m asking for yours, you should hear mine.

My Confessions

My darling daughter has been known to have some meltdowns; and one day, she wanted pancakes for breakfast. I had even promised her the night before, so it was a big deal. Now, I’m a very practical parent, so I use the pancake mix, where all you have to add is water. I opened the box, and to my surprise, (I hate to even confess this now), there were a couple of ants in there! Little, black ones, and they must have gotten in while the mix was in my pantry. It happens, right?

So my choices were to 1. throw it all away and tell KT that we weren’t having pancakes that morning.  2. get her dressed and myself dressed and drive to the store to buy some more pancake batter.  3. remove the couple of ants and use the pancake batter.

I probably don’t have to tell you what I chose to do…number 3, and we are still alive. I even ate the pancakes myself. I just couldn’t bring myself to do 1 or 2 that morning, and since I’m single, there’s no adult to “watch” her while I run to the store. I’ve never told her about the ant batter–so if you know her, please don’t reveal my secret just yet.

Being the only adult at home brings up all sorts of problems and are where most of my true confessions come from–ordering Imo’s pizza at 8:30 one night because her stomach was upset, and we needed someone to bring us a Sprite! So why not have the Imo’s delivery driver do it and bring me a pizza at the same time?

Or how about when my child looses a tooth and I have no cash at home? All kinds of creative things happen then, such as recycling the money from my child’s piggy bank.

So I’d like to hear your true confessions–the stories can be along the lines of mine or whatever this theme makes you think of–as long as it entails something you’ve done as a parent or grandparent that the child doesn’t know about–but you one day might tell him or her. Something that will all make us feel like–yes, this is the real crazy life we lead, but we are not in it alone.

How To Enter:

Email your confessions in the body of an email in 500 words or less to margolynndill (at) with the subject line  TRUE CONFESSIONS CONTEST. Deadline for these confessions are January 5, 2019 DEADLINE EXTENDED: JANUARY 15, 2019 11:59pm CST. To enter to win a prize, you must email your story by the deadline AND do one of the following things on this list below. Just tell me what you did when you email me your story. Every entry with a confession story 500 words or less AND one of the task completed below will be entered to win a prize.

Please also do one of these tasks:

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c. Share this contest on social media (please tell me which social media you shared it on) Just tell everyone there’s a true confessions contest for parents and grandparents, and they can win a prize. Rules are at this link:

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The Prizes

There will be a first, second, and third place prize. Honorable mentions may be awarded depending on how many entries are received.

First place prize: choice between a $15.00 gift card to Amazon or Target or 50% off editing services from Editor 911 AND a chance to name a character or a place in an upcoming work-in-progress

Second and third place prizes: the choice between one of my books (if you live in the United States), or a 25% off coupon for editing services from Editor 911, or the chance to name a character in an upcoming work-in-progress

Honorable Mentions: a chance to name a character in an upcoming work-in-progress

Prizes will be awarded based on how well the story fits the theme of a parent or grandparent confession and if it makes me laugh or at least nod my head and say: I can totally relate! In order to win a prize, you also have to have completed one of the tasks from the above list. Any entries received after January 5, 2018 11:59 pm CST DEADLINE EXTENDED! January 15, 2019 11:59 pm CST will not be included in the judging.


I would love to publish the true confession winners on my blog, but I won’t if you don’t want me to! If you have a website, I will be happy to link your true confession to my post. If you win, you do not have to agree to be published or you can even publish under a pseudonym.

Any questions?

Ask in the comments below or feel free to send me an email!


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