Reading Challenge Update

How is the reading challenge going for those of you participating? Katie and I are doing pretty well. I think since April 30, we have each only missed one day of reading.

I have been reading 3 books: Codependency and Shame, Anxious for Nothing, and a novel–Catch a Dream.

Katie has been reading a whole bunch of books, of course, from Magic Treehouse to Splat the Cat. Together, we finished a book, Abby in Wonderland, in a series she likes,  where the main character Abby goes into different fairy tales to try to save Maryrose who is trapped by an evil fairy.

I hope you’re enjoying finding the time to read each day. Remember, if you do read 21 days for 20 minutes before Memorial Day weekend, you are entered to win a $20 Amazon gift card! Plus, hopefully, you will have developed a love of reading and a habit for it, too.

Remember, you can earn extra bonus entries into the reading challenge by:

  • Post a photo of yourself on Facebook or Instagram! Take a screenshot and email it to me or tag me in the post.
  • Write a review for any book on Comment on this page with what book you chose: (This one is actually worth two entries!)
  • Here’s one more way to earn an extra entry into the contest: Comment below this post and include the title of a book you or your family members are reading during the challenge!

Also,I should point out, if you don’t finish the challenge, you can still earn these entries into the contest for the gift card by doing the above 3 things! Because what is actually important here is reading and supporting authors. 🙂

Any questions? Let me know.

Happy reading!


Margo Dill (luvboxerdogs)

Luvboxerdogs is just my Wordpress name, but these posts are put up by me, Margo L. Dill. I'm a writer and an editor, and this is my site--welcome! I hope you like it and stick around to read what I have to say or even better, some of my amazing guest posters. :)

7 thoughts to “Reading Challenge Update”

  1. I just this minute finished A Higher Loyalty. It was amazing. Going to switch over to some lighter sci fi now.

  2. I love having a stack of book by my bed, as nighttime is my reading time. Rarely do I forget. Currently reading White Collar Girl and just finished a friend’s manuscript.

  3. I have read parts of more than one book, but the majority of reading has been: The Hero Beneath the Villains Mask, a Phantom of the Opera novel by Michelle Rodriquez.

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