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Practical Moms Unite: Traveling with Your Child

So the 6-year-old and I went on a trip during spring break, and I’m just now posting about it. No, it’s not because I need to recover–it actually went quite well. But I thought now would be a good time to talk about some practical tips for traveling with your child or children with summer break just around the corner.

First, don’t go to Disneyworld. HA! Just kidding. My friend Camille is planning a huge family trip for her 2 kids and hubby this summer. Did you know you can get someone to help you plan your Disneyworld trip? I don’t mean a travel agent–I mean another mom who likes to figure out where you should eat dinner and what parks you should go to and when! Now, this is practical. If you want more information about this, send me an email, and I’ll put you in contact with Camille. (margolynndill@gmail (dot) com)

KT at Legoland

Anywho, here are my actual practical tips for traveling with a 6-year-old:

  • Don’t overbook your days: If you do, both you and your child will be exhausted and not have fun. In my opinion (since you are reading my blog, you’re gonna hear my opinion), you need one big thing on the trip (like an amusement park) and the rest smaller activities that don’t have a set schedule. Here’s what our itinerary looked like:

Leave St. Louis at 4pm on a Monday night. Drive 2 hours to Columbia, MO. Eat dinner that I packed in the car.

Go to the first hotel  and go swimming that night. (Because this is what kids actually care about –hotels and pools)

On Tuesday, eat breakfast and go swimming. Check out of hotel and drive to Kansas City (2 hours). GO to next hotel and take showers there after check-in. Walk around the Plaza in Kansas City since it is a beautiful day and eat dinner somewhere.  (We didn’t have a specific time we had to be anywhere, so no rushing.) 

On Wednesday, OUR ONE BIG DAY–eat breakfast and go to Legoland. Make the reservation around 10:30 am, so we don’t have to get up early and rush. Eat dinner in the hotel room with food brought from home. Go swimming that night at the hotel pool.

We sat outside here at Crown Center for a while. (photo by Mark Goebel

On Thursday, eat breakfast, check out of the hotel, and go to Crown Center and Hallmark’s Kaldeioscope, which is free! Eat lunch and drive home. 

  • You need a hotel room with a refrigerator and microwave when traveling with kids. You should also look for hotels that have free breakfasts and indoor swimming pools, so your child can swim regardless of the weather. After a long day at Legoland, being able to eat the food I brought from home and relax in the hotel room, as well as that night just go swimming for an hour, made both of us happy and not so tired or cranky!
  • Schedule activities as much as you can in advance and look for online coupons and deals. We got an amazing deal for Legoland because I had a buy one adult, get one child free Legoland coupon from McDonald’s. We saved $18 on Katie’s admission. We also would’t have been able to get into a session of Kaldeioscope if I hadn’t checked out online first how it all worked. Many children’s activities and events have special deals for people who buy their tickets online in advance. If you are military, you probably already know that you can get all sorts of deals on kids’ admissions to museums and other fun stuff. Check out the Blue Star Family website here.

Remember to ask yourself: What is your big goal (s) for this trip? These were mine:

  1. Take Katie some place for spring break, where she and I can spend quality time together and BOTH have fun.
  2. Don’t exhaust us.
  3. Don’t break the bank.


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8 thoughts on “Practical Moms Unite: Traveling with Your Child”

  1. Camille says:

    Totally agree with everything you wrote and we have traveled near and far with our kids (including that big trip to visit family in Malaysia). These tips apply with longer trips too.

    1. luvboxerdogs says:

      Thanks, Camille! I can’t wait to hear all about your Disney trip. 🙂

  2. Terry says:

    Great tips! We traveled a lot while boys growing up because family were elsewhere. We made sure to stop early at hotels with pools, also. Helped them sleep better, too.

    I packed a Surprise Bag for our trips. Every hour or so, both boys would be given a small gift wrapped package from my bag (because unwrapping presents is always fun!). The gifts changed as they got older but were simple and definitely didn’t break the bank. I’d look for things when out and add to my stash until the trip. Coloring books and colored pencils. Small handheld games. Pack of gum. Cheese and crackers. Anything that could be used as fun while in the car. Last time I used the bag, they each received a new GameBoy game. Of course, gum and treats were also included- some things you never grow out of!!

    1. luvboxerdogs says:

      This is a really cute idea. I can see getting some stuff from the dollar store, too. And if you don’t have time to wrap, you could do a grab bag kind of thing…close your eyes, reach in the bag, and grab out a treat. ..

  3. Pat Wahler says:

    Traveling with kiddos can be a challenge, but sounds like you nailed it. I love the idea of enjoying a vacation rather than feeling exhausted by it.

    1. luvboxerdogs says:

      Exactly, Pat!

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