Only the Boring Get Bored–Tell Your Kids This Summer

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If you’re a parent, you’ve no doubt heard your kids utter the words “I’m bored” at one time or another. Some kids say it more than others, but it’s pretty common for them to say it at some point. What do you do when your kids say this? You might give them something to do. Maybe you tell them to go and play a game, or paint a picture.

However, giving your kids things to do all the time can stop them from using their own creativity and imagination. It’s normal for them to ask for something to do, especially once they’ve started school. After all, they’re told what to do all day long there: stand in line, do this equation, draw this picture, don’t do that, etc. They may feel like the same should be happening at home. However, their time at home is their opportunity to do what they want to do (within reason).

If you always give them something to do, they’ll rely on you. They’ll say they’re bored all the time. They’ll stop discovering new things that they like to do all on their own!

Make sure you tell your kids that only the boring get bored! They aren’t bored, and there isn’t nothing to do. They’re simply uninspired. Provide your kids with what they need to come up with their own activities and games.

Make sure your kids have the following:

Materials For Drawing And Painting

Drawing and painting can be quite a therapeutic activity for kids. Making sure they have various materials for drawing and painting can be a way to ensure they always have something to do. You could even make sure they have coloring books.

Something For Writing

Some kids like to write poems and stories. Maybe you could get them an old school typewriter, so they’re not always on the computer getting distracted. Plenty of pens and notebooks can be great, too. You never know what they might come up with!


Books are a fantastic way to get kids improving lots of skills, from reading to listening and even communication skills in general. Kids that develop a love of reading while they’re young usually have it while they’re older, and this can be very beneficial for them in their school work. Books are like watching a TV show in your head, so they encourage imagination.

A Musical Instrument

An ear for music can be tough to develop when you’re older. It’s so much easier when you’re young. Encouraging your kids to play a musical instrument could help them to develop confidence and allow them to see what they are really capable of. Sites like are designed to help anybody learn songs quickly and easily. Your kids could be playing their favorite songs in no time.

A Garden Area

Kids should be spending time outside. The sunshine and fresh air is important! Give them a place in the garden they can play. It might be a sandpit, a mini park, or even a vegetable garden they can tend to.


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