Adaptation To Your Surroundings: Living In Another Country To Inspire Your Writing Career

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Writing is fast becoming the most popular nomadic pursuits of professional freelancers. Of course, the great advantage any writer has is that they can do the job from anywhere; and with the amount of online publications nowadays, and the fact that most of the money for freelancers comes from writing online, this gives the average freelancer options to go and work from anywhere in the world. But can you make your life and career better by moving to another country as a writer? Let’s try and answer the question.


Many of us fantasize about packing up our lives, moving to another country, and looking at the sunny horizons of a faraway land, while sitting on the beach, sipping an espresso, and getting to work on our dream project. This seems to be a common goal for many entrepreneurs. In fact, Tim Ferris’s New York Times bestseller, The Four Hour Work Week , is almost exclusively structured around that notion. We can aspire to have that type of lifestyle now, and it’s certainly more achievable, due to the fact that there are so many different projects available.

Different surroundings can provide various inspirations. Compare working in the British Isles to the Far East, for example. A complete contrast in climate and lifestyle can provide various inspiration points for any writer. But,  the vast majority of jobs out there for writers consist of blogging and content related roles, so, is moving to another country worth it as far as inspiration is concerned? Well, it is if you’re looking for a new lifestyle. You can write from anywhere in the world, but the new surroundings of a different country mean you could feel inspired by their culture. The choice of literature and cultural benchmarks could push you off into new directions as far as writing is concerned. It doesn’t even matter if you write content about the most mundane of topics; the fact is, by surrounding yourself with different approaches to culture: from the art, to the literature, to the theater, this is going to feed into every aspect of how you create. You could find a completely different angle, or hopefully a different way of creating work that excites you, even if you are writing about something that you aren’t particularly keen on. The life of a freelance writer means that you have to create content about topics the don’t particularly enthuse you. And so, this leads very nicely onto the next topic.


If you surround yourself with new horizons, new people, and new lifestyles, the motivation to create could be difficult, but of course, a freelancer has to work, or they don’t get paid! Exchange rates and currency can mean that going from one country to another can result in a huge leap in income.  The great thing about being nomadic, if there is a culture that doesn’t work for you, where you feel uninspired and unmotivated, you can just get up and move on. There are so many properties for rent across the world, like in West Java, variety can truly be the spice of life, and you can reap the benefits of a well-paid writing job in comparison to the cost of living.  Not only this, but you can also align yourself with the working habits of the country . A lot of countries in the western world focus on the ideal of living to work, whereas there are more that focus on working to live. But a lot of us make the mistake of going where the money is, and we soon pine for the comforts of home.

Home And Away Comforts

Yes, even though we are seemingly living the high life, when moving to another country, where our money goes further, we feel well rested, and we have our fair share of sunshine–this may still not be enough. After all, we could feel homesick for a place that we spent a lot of our life trying to get away from. But when you are looking for creative inspiration, you need to actively seek out new experiences. There are going to be times when you feel dry and bereft of inspiration wherever you are; and if you are feeling homesick, or alienated in a foreign country, this can overwhelm us. But if you are struggling, it’s important to get involved with your local community, which can be very intimidating, but there are some useful hints on, and this can help to inspire you in so many different ways.

Whatever your reason for going abroad, whether it’s to broaden the mind or not, you are in a different environment, so you should let it feed into your creativity. If not, is it time to go home? Because a lot of people chase the money, and move abroad for more lucrative prospects, and now as social media can provide that shield between you and the world, you don’t necessarily have to ingratiate yourself with a community. And if you are seriously pining for home comforts, something as simple as a postcard, some tea bags, or a Skype chat with a friend might help you to realize why you left in the first place.

At What Point Should You Go Home?

Some people leave and never return, whereas others feel that they’ve scratched that itch. Some people return home after an adventure of a few years, because life duties have compelled them to return, such as family members, too many missed weddings and funerals, or even the fact that your working visa has simply run out. Going home can feel a bit deflating, or it can feel like you’ve had your fill of the world, and you want to go back to what is comfortable and that you inherently know. And it’s this that can help to fuel your creativity here on in.

Writing is a job that can be done from anywhere in the world, and if you feel that you’re getting stale, or you have concerns that your ability is going to be trumped by the next generation of freelancers, you owe it to yourself to broaden your mind, to open yourself up to new possibilities, because it’s this curiosity that will fuel your creativity. It’s something we should all do in our lives, live somewhere else; and when you are a writer armed with a laptop and a suitcase, the possibilities are endless. You will know when it’s time to go home because you will feel continually inspired. You will have a wealth of experiences to draw on, different cultures, different music, various literature and art, and it’s these things that will make you a better writer, even from home. 



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