How to Earn the Title “A Dog’s Best Friend”

As many of you know, I have a dog, and I often write about him on here or share his cute photo on Facebook. I used to believe that maybe I was overthinking how much I walked him or spent time with him, and then his article came in. It made me think: I must not be the only one! Chester does bring so much joy to our lives, and there’s nothing as cute as how excited he gets when I say: “Want to go for a walk?” 

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You know the old saying: “A dog is man’s best friend.” Anyone who has a dog knows this is true. They give you unconditional love and are always there with a listening ear, without talking back! It’s been researched and proven that dogs also help their owners be healthier–they can help with emotional issues, or they help you maintain a healthy weight ; and they are always glad to see you with a friendly lick and a welcoming paw.

But do you qualify as your dog’s best friend? Are you as welcoming to them as they are to you? Are you as forgiving when they leave a mess on your carpet or when they gobble down your dinner? Do you provide for all of their needs? To earn the title “A Dog’s Best Friend,” here are some of the things you might be doing:

Hang out with your dog more. The occasional pat on the head or walk around the block doesn’t really qualify as hanging out. You can spend more time by playing games with them, from hide and seek to tug-of-war. Get down on their level for some affectionate hugging and let them know you love and appreciate them. Despite the busyness of your life, never be too busy to hang out with the one who loves you so much: your faithful four-legged friend.

Give your dog tasty food. Dogs will eat anything, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve something that is satisfying to their taste palate and healthy for them. You can easily offer them something both nutritious and delicious. From trudog freeze dried dog food for mealtime to specially formulated doggy treats at other times in the day, give your dog something they will love to eat.

Go for interesting walks with your dog. Walking your dog is a necessity; but when possible, opt for those routes that will give your dog added pleasure. They love to sniff and explore, so choose those places that will give them opportunities to enjoy the scenery around them, to navigate their way through fascinating nooks and crannies, with beautiful sights and smells to satisfy their senses.

Praise your dog. We are often quick to scold our dogs when they do something wrong, but we can sometimes be slow to praise them. It’s all part of their behavior training anyway, but make praising your dog an everyday routine, rather than only doing so when you want your pooch to do as you have told them. A kind tone of voice, a gentle pat on the head, and a tasty treat occasionally will show your dog you appreciate them.

Look after your dog’s health. Your four-legged friend isn’t hot on self-care, so you need to be responsible for all of their health needs yourself. This means feeding them something nutritious and avoiding foods that will harm them. This means keeping up a healthy exercise routine. And this means scheduling regular visits to the vet. Yes, your dog may frown at you because you refuse to give in to their begging, but a long and happy life is a much better gift than a piece of your chocolate!

And if you do all of these things? You will earn the title “A Dog’s Best Friend.” Well done you! While your dog won’t reward you with a medal or a certificate, we are sure he will reward you in his own special way.

What do you like to do with your dog?



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