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7 Easy Design Tricks Digital Writers Need To Know

I’m very excited to introduce you to Kayleigh Alexandra who wrote this amazing article below about ways to make your

From The Muffin: A Marketing Exercise That is a Must for Your Critique Group

One of my freelancing jobs is to blog on WOW! Women On Writing‘s amazing blog, The Muffin. If you’ve never

Adaptation To Your Surroundings: Living In Another Country To Inspire Your Writing Career

(contributed post) Writing is fast becoming the most popular nomadic pursuits of professional freelancers. Of course, the great advantage any

The Comparison Trap for Writers

Last week, I shared how much the book, video, and study group for The Comparison Trap positively influenced my life.

What’s a Digital Nomad? 11 Tips for this Working Lifestyle

I work from home, although I do have a full-time job with an agricultural company. I can’t say I’m exactly

It’s a Writer’s World: How To Keep Yourself Motivated and Writing Well

(contributed article) Being a writer is a creative, liberating and exciting career, which unleashes you into a whole different world

3 Ways to Make the Writer’s Life Easier and More Fulfilling

(contributed article) If you are a professional writer, you will probably be aware of the many trials and tribulations, which

Having a Home You Can Really Write In

If you consider yourself a writer, whether professionally or not, you will probably be keen on having a home, where

Stay at Home Writer? How Not To Become a Hermit

When you’re asked by a new acquaintance what it is that you do for a living, and you say that

What Is Something You Wrote About That You Never Thought You Would?

(Some of this post originally appeared on WOW! Women On Writing in September 2017) I know everyone who reads this