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Getting Ready For A Camping Trip

(contributed post) There are many great benefits to going camping for a holiday. The fresh air will be good for

Wonderful Graduation Gifts for the Graduates

What gifts can you give to graduates now that they have completed the course and reached their goals? Looking for

Do You Celebrate Half-Birthdays in Your Family? Take the Poll

Today is KT’s half-birthday, and she treats it like a holiday–I mean, who wouldn’t, right? I’m not sure how we

Recovering From the Indulgence of the Holiday Season

contributed post Christmas can often be a time of indulgence. We all know this. We’ve all felt the after-dinner food coma,

Doing Christmas At My Pace (By Amy Harke-Moore)

I am excited to share  this guest post from my good writing friend, Amy Harke-Moore. If you know Amy, then

Make Sure You’re Not Overspending This Christmas

(contributed post) The festive period is many people’s favorite time of year; the family get-togethers, thoughtful gift giving, and the

Magical Places to Take the Kids This Winter

I’m all about traveling articles, as you can tell on my blog–parenting, traveling, fun, self-esteem. Anyway, this contributed article has

4 Tips For Kids’ Birthday Parties (Practical Parenting)

KT turned 7 yesterday, so it has been a week of celebrating, including a kids’ birthday party. She has been