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5 Practical Ways to Foster Your Overall Health on a Daily Basis

Guest post by Julia Merrill  All of us want to be healthy, but not all of us do what we

Ultimate Guide to Intermittent Fasting Schedules (Infographic)

Intermittent fasting is becoming a popular plan for losing weight. Here’s an infographic that sums it up from Pique Tea.

4 Tips To Help You Take Better Care of Your Skin

As I get older, I am, of course, starting to care more about my skin. Isn’t that how it always

Tips for Better Sleep for the Whole Family

Thank you to Julia Merrill at for this important guest post about getting enough sleep. All parents know how hard this

Here’s How Your Computer Is Damaging Your Health And Tips For Preventing It

(contributed post) Nowadays, computers play a major part in our everyday life. To suggest that they could be damaging our

3 Reasons Why You Should Make Sleep a Top Priority

Take the poll before you read this contributed post! If you’re an ambitious, go-getting, proactive, dream-chasing kind of a person,

Ideas for Generating Self-Love and Why It’s Crucial

Self-care and emotional health are two subjects that readers of this blog said they’re interested in reading more about. It’s

5 Tips For Getting Healthy and Active This Summer

In the Midwest, we have been having quite a heatwave. So for some of you, you may read this title

6 Easy Tips to Stay On Top of Your Well Being

(contributed post) Self-care has become a hot topic in the wellness industry and popular media lately – the idea that

5 Things To Consider For You and Your Family When Dealing with a Serious Injury

(contributed post) When you sustain an injury that puts you out of action for a considerable length of time, your