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5 Practical Ways to Foster Your Overall Health on a Daily Basis

Guest post by Julia Merrill  All of us want to be healthy, but not all of us do what we

Ultimate Guide to Intermittent Fasting Schedules (Infographic)

Intermittent fasting is becoming a popular plan for losing weight. Here’s an infographic that sums it up from Pique Tea.

5 Good Reasons to Declutter, Plus a Decluttering Challenge

I’m happy to introduce Amy Harke-Moore, who wrote this post for us today! She also guest posted around Christmas last

4 Tips To Help You Take Better Care of Your Skin

As I get older, I am, of course, starting to care more about my skin. Isn’t that how it always

Tips For Buying Your Teenagers Their First Car

(contributed post) It can be a tough thing to accept when you realize that your kid is slowly becoming an

How to Prevent Your Credit from Spiraling Out of Control

This is a companion article to “Tips for Making the Right Choices to Become Financially Stable ” , which was published

Tips For Making the Right Choices to Become Financially Stable

(contributed post) Sometimes we need to take the time to make the right choices when it comes to being financially

Tips for Surviving Life as a New Single: From Self-Care to Online Dating

(contributed post) Life as a newly single person can be rather daunting in today’s society. Every day, lots of people

Tips for Better Sleep for the Whole Family

Thank you to Julia Merrill at for this important guest post about getting enough sleep. All parents know how hard this

Tips For Finding a Hobby Your Child Enjoys

The picture above is of my daughter at our local library reading to the dogs in the Love on a