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5 Practical Ways to Foster Your Overall Health on a Daily Basis

Guest post by Julia Merrill  All of us want to be healthy, but not all of us do what we

A Positive Attitude by Jo Ann Simon (Author of Rose Colored Glasses)

I am happy to welcome Jo Ann Simon, author of Rose Colored Glasses: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Hope, to

3 Reasons Why You Should Make Sleep a Top Priority

Take the poll before you read this contributed post! If you’re an ambitious, go-getting, proactive, dream-chasing kind of a person,

3 Ideas For Improving Your Emotional Health And Feeling Positive

(contributed post) If you’ve been feeling down in the dumps lately, there is a decent chance you will benefit from

What Happens When You Surround Yourself In Positivity

I really like this post below, which came to me as a contributed post. What I like about it is

Finding My True Self: A Work in Progress

Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself. ~Richard Bach I’ve been doing a lot of

Love and Loss: Some Healthy Things To Consider When Life Goes Wrong

(contributed post) You have always considered yourself to be a positive and outgoing person with high prospects for your life.

4 Ways to Deal With Mental Health Issues

(contributed post) It’s simple, taking care of your mental health makes your life so much easier and more enjoyable, and

Yes, You’re A Parent, But 10 Ways To Care For Yourself Too

(contributed post) Being a parent can be tough, we all know that. And as much as you love your children,

Round-Up: Self-Care and Emotional Health Top 5 Articles

Self-care and emotional health are two very important topics to me. I recently saw this quote on a quote calendar