Book Review: You Started WHAT After 60? Highpointing Across America by Jane T. Bertrand

This memoir by Jane T. Bertrand is an inspirational story about her journey to reach all 50 high points in the United States. There are other books about people reaching all 50 high points, but Jane is special because she didn’t start until she was…60! I am happy to review this book on “Look to the Western Sky” as a part of Jane’s WOW! Women On Writing blog tour.

What I love about You Started WHAT After 60? is the way it is organized (I love to study organization of books–especially memoirs). She chose to organize it by state–what happened in the state, how high the point was, when she reached it, and who she reached it with– and this is included in each section.

Along with these write-ups are inspirational sections that highlight different things that Jane did while trying to reach her goal in all 50 spots, such as discussing the time she attended the highpoint convention or when she was trying to decide if she was too old to climb the last highpoints, which are the hardest in the U.S., such as Denali.

What I actually enjoyed the most about Jane’s memoir was the last section–where she wraps it all up–her feelings and reflections on her whole trek. Because even if you are not trying to reach all the high points of the U.S., you are most likely trying to do something–publish a trilogy, trek across India, run a marathon, have a family, etc. Whatever it is, you can learn something from Jane and her book.

There are also some resources in the book that readers interested in highpointing can use, such as other books on the topic, what the different classes of highpoints mean, guides on highpoint adventures, and more.

Finally, one last thing I loved about the book were all the photos that were included, of the people she climbed with–people who are important in Jane’s life–so the book is about the climb, but it’s also about a woman’s life and the important people along the way. Readers who enjoy this book will also be reminded of the important people in their lives–who would you go on these adventures with?

If this book sounds interesting to you, then go check it out on Amazon here. If you want to follow along on WOW!’s blog tour, all the dates are listed here.



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4 thoughts to “Book Review: You Started WHAT After 60? Highpointing Across America by Jane T. Bertrand”

  1. Hi, Margo,

    Thanks for writing such a positive review of my book. As you so rightly point out, the book is ostensibly about highpointing, but it carries a far deeper message. I found it highly rewarding to pursue a hobby I’d only dabbled in earlier, set goals, and push beyond my own comfort level. Recruiting others to join me – 63 in total, ranging from age 4 months to 71 years – yielded “relationship dividends” that I hadn’t anticipated when I set out on this 10-year quest. In fact, cementing the relationships of a lifetime was by far the most rewarding part of the project. Given how many of my highpointing recruits were women, the book also speaks volumes about the strength of female friendships.

    Jane Bertrand

    1. That’s what I really appreciate about your memoir–the universal themes and the deeper message that the book portrays. That’s a true memoir that we can all learn from. Thank you for writing such a heartfelt book, and I’m glad I had the chance to take part in your blog tour!

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