Book Review: Time to Refresh by Karen Brown Tyson

Thank you to WOW! Women On Writing for giving me the opportunity to review Karen Brown Tyson’s book: Time to Refresh: A 21-Day Devotional to Renew Your Mind After Being Laid Off, Fired or Sidelined. 

When you’re experiencing something in your life, like being laid off or fired, you need some inspiration! Karen’s book provides that and more. This is the perfect gift to buy for someone whom you love, struggling with these issues, OR for yourself if you are. 

Here’s how this book is set up: 

After an introduction where Karen shares her personal story with a job struggle, she includes, as the subtitle states, 21 chapters, each named as “Time to _______”, such as day 1, which is “Time to Rest” or day 15, which is “Time to Surrender.” After each week (so 7 days/chapters), she includes a section titled “Words of Advice.” Then the end of the book has a personal epilogue. I always find books like these more appealing when the author shares her own story, and we readers know that she has been through what we are experiencing. So, Karen did a nice job with this in her book. 

Now each chapter is set up with a Bible verse, a Note to Self, Timeout Takeaways, thinking about what you are grateful for (each day!), listening to God, witnessing to others, and further reading (observation). So, I think (depending on how busy you are looking for a new job) you could take two days for each of these chapters–it just depends on how much time you take to reflect and follow through on the tasks that Karen is asking you to do! 

In a nutshell, I think this is the perfect gift or purchase for anyone who is struggling with job issues and has faith in Jesus or wants to strengthen a new faith. It is Christian-based. Karen does a great job of providing encouragement in a book! 

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