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Tips For Making the Right Choices to Become Financially Stable

(contributed post) Sometimes we need to take the time to make the right choices when it comes to being financially

Tips for Surviving Life as a New Single: From Self-Care to Online Dating

(contributed post) Life as a newly single person can be rather daunting in today’s society. Every day, lots of people

Tips for Better Sleep for the Whole Family

Thank you to Julia Merrill at for this important guest post about getting enough sleep. All parents know how hard this

From The Muffin: A Marketing Exercise That is a Must for Your Critique Group

One of my freelancing jobs is to blog on WOW! Women On Writing‘s amazing blog, The Muffin. If you’ve never

Adaptation To Your Surroundings: Living In Another Country To Inspire Your Writing Career

(contributed post) Writing is fast becoming the most popular nomadic pursuits of professional freelancers. Of course, the great advantage any

Reluctant Parents At Work: 5 Reasons Why I Love To Find a Job

Everyone has their preference of job listing sites. It’s similar to dating sites or really any social media. I’ve been

Tips For Finding a Hobby Your Child Enjoys

The picture above is of my daughter at our local library reading to the dogs in the Love on a

Organization Help: List of What Paperwork to Keep and What to Shred

Dear Self, Why the heck do you feel the need to keep every single piece of paper that’s ever floated

Joint Issues in Pets and How to Deal With Them

It’s interesting when you look at a website’s stats. On this site, one of my most popular posts is an

Teach a Child To Read and Open Up Her World

I am so very honored to have children’s author Fiona Ingram on my blog today with her WOW! Women On