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5 Tricks to Spend Less Money at the Vet

I have written about my boxer Chester before, and he is a blessing to my family. However, his vet bills always seem high to me, even though we love our vet. So, when this article came in as a possible contributed post, I thought: I bet other people have the same issues as me, so why not post some tips that could possibly help us all lower our vet bills?  

Veterinary costs are some of the biggest expenses of being an animal owner. Fortunately, you can reduce these costs and give the animal the treatment it deserves without digging yourself into debt. Here are just five tricks to spend less at the vet.

Look into pet insurance

Pet insurance can help to pay for any big medical expenses, however you should check that the rates aren’t too high first, otherwise you could be spending much more money overall. To get the best bargain, you should take out pet insurance when your pet is still young and healthy and look into a fixed rate that won’t be affected when your pet gets older. Older pets are more likely to need treatment for conditions, like arthritis and renal disease. Rates will be much higher for these pets, and you could be better off avoiding insurance. Look online for deals at sites, like , and use comparison sites.

Seek out your local vet college for routine treatments

It’s possible that your local vet college will be looking for animals to use for vet students, so long as it is a routine treatment. Treatment could be much less costly than going to a clinic (it could even be free in some cases). Check if they are advertising for animals to use with students. If not, it could still be worth contacting them.

Consider other treatment options

It’s worth weighing up different treatment options as some may be less expensive. Sites like sell pet medication that could be cheaper than buying directly from your vet. You may also want to weigh up the price of surgery and pain relief medicine – surgery in older pets may be expensive and high risk, making it less worthwhile, whilst in younger pets taking pain relief for the rest of their life could be more expensive than surgery.

Negotiate pricing

There will often be room for negotiation when it comes to costly surgery, although specialist vets may offer less leeway. By collecting quotes from multiple local clinics ,you may be able to negotiate a price match. Some clinics may also offer installment plans, allowing you to pay off the treatment in monthly installments rather than all in one go. This could be cheaper than taking out a loan, which is likely to have interest attached.

Give your pet a healthy lifestyle

Many trips to the vets are avoidable and can be attributed to an animal’s lifestyle. Animals that are overfed and don’t get regular exercise are more likely to contract illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. By taking more care when offering treats and encouraging your pet to be more active, you could prevent a lot of these diseases. Similarly, you should make sure that your animal is well groomed or that their cage is regularly cleaned out, so that they’re not at risk for fleas, bacterial infections, and worms.



3 thoughts on “5 Tricks to Spend Less Money at the Vet”

  1. Pat Wahler says:

    Yearly exams are pricey enough, but if your pet becomes ill or is injured the cost goes through the roof. I adopted a rescue pup when he was 8 weeks old. At seven months he was diagnosed with deformities in his front legs. We did a $3,000 surgery, and he may need more surgeries in the future. Yikes!

    1. luvboxerdogs says:

      Oh my gosh, Pat! You are a good person. And what a lucky dog to have been matched with you.

  2. Pat Wahler says:

    I just nominated your blog for a Sunshine Award. The details are on my latest blog post if you’d like to play along. If not, I totally understand! 🙂

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