5 Practical Ways to Foster Your Overall Health on a Daily Basis

Guest post by Julia Merrill 

All of us want to be healthy, but not all of us do what we need to on a daily basis to make it happen. Maybe our time in the day is limited, or we can’t budget for the newest health trends on the market. Or maybe we keep planning for it, and life just seems to find ways to redirect our route. But taking care of yourself doesn’t have to consume all your time, drain your bank account, or depend on your circumstances.

That’s where routine comes in. And there are doable ways to create a solid routine in your life that benefits your overall health. Here are five of them:

  • Keep your home clean

Your home should be the most comfortable place in the world for you and your family. Keeping it clean and organized can make it that way, but it can also foster physical and mental health. If possible, deep cleaning periodically is the best option. Minimizing allergens and hidden pollutants by replacing your air filter regularly, dusting, vacuuming, and mopping are the most thorough methods of making your home a healthy environment. Also, maintaininga clutter-free space throughout all the rooms can go a long way in reducing stress and bringing peace of mind.

Along with cleaning, consider purchasing an air purifier to improve the air quality in your home. Just like a deep clean can’t get rid of all the allergens and pollutants inside your home, an air purifier can’t either. But these devices, coupled with regular cleaning, can create the cleanest atmosphere you could hope for.

  • Keep your doctor’s appointments

Life happens and appointments get canceled. But when it comes to doctor’s appointments, it’s important that you do what you can to make them. Regular checkups help you stay up-to-date on your overall health and learn what lifestyle changes to make, and they can even help you stay ahead of the curve on severe diagnoses. Whether it’s your annual checkup at the physician, a biannual visit to the dentist, or a mammogram, schedule and try to keep your doctor’s appointments.

  • Don’t let your hygiene slip

When we are busy—whether it’s with work, family, or a combination of the two—it’s easy to forget about taking care of ourselves in the simplest ways. But personal hygiene is essential in living a healthy life. Don’t skimp on the showering, washing your hair, brushing your teeth, grooming, and other basic hygiene practices. Sometimes you have to be intentional and make changes for hygiene to happen!

  • Eat for your mind and body

Your body and mind run on fuel, and that fuel is food. Be conscious of what you eat, and give yourself the nutrition it takes for you to feel good and thrive in everyday life. To start, cut down on convenient foods that are processed and filled with refined sugar, and opt for healthy portions of energy-providing foods such as lean meat, fish, eggs, nuts, vegetables, and fruit. Try different diets, meal prepping, food delivery services, or anything else that’s necessary to find your best route to nutrition.

  • Get a move on it

There are numerous physical and mental benefits to exercising. Perhaps one the most helpful aspects of exercise, however, is that it encourages you to apply discipline in other areas of life. When you begin to reap the rewards of a fitness routine, chances are it will motivate you to care for yourself in other ways. For instance, when you get into a workout routine, you will quickly notice that the foods you eat affect your fitness performance. Also, the extra energy that is added to your life from exercising will help you accomplish more things throughout the day. Furthermore, your mood and confidence will get a significant boost, which can translate into all areas of your life.

We can’t control everything in our lives, but we can take steps to improve and maintain our overall health. Keeping a clean home, making your doctor’s appointments, prioritizing personal hygiene, eating well, and exercising are all great ways to start. Once you have a routine in place, healthy living will become second nature!

Bio: Julia Merrill is a retired board certified nurse practitioner. She runs the website BeFriend Your Doc Julia has written other posts for Look to the Western Sky, such as “Tips for Better Sleep for the Whole Family”.


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