5 Good Reasons to Declutter, Plus a Decluttering Challenge

I’m happy to introduce Amy Harke-Moore, who wrote this post for us today! She also guest posted around Christmas last year, with this very wise post.  Today, she has some great advice for reasons to declutter.  Plus, she is hosting a declutter challenge on her blog. Details following this motivating post!

Unless you’ve been living sequestered in an ancient mountain village and currently go by the name of Brother Paul, you can probably relate to having too much stuff. It’s a modern dilemma, to be sure, and for some of us our collection of material goods has reached the scary point. Where do you even start? Much easier to shut the door and forget about it, right? But I propose a different idea.  Instead of letting the overwhelm paralyze you, take courage. Here are five good reasons to motivate you to declutter.

  • Feel lighter. Don’t underestimate this! I had always heard this from the decluttering crowd, but it wasn’t until I actually took a challenge and got rid of over five hundred items in two weeks that I really understand the truth of the statement. I felt like I’d just lost twenty-five pounds on a crash diet. I probably did lose that much weight—just not off my person. Every item you own, however small, carries some burden, responsibility, or weight to it. Lessening your load can be life-changing!
  • Sell your items for quick cash. If you’re like me, you have clothes you bought and never wore and gifts you never took out of the box. Why not take those barely—if at all—used items and turn them into a profit? Have an old movie collection? Sell it on Craig’s List. Toys your children have outgrown and no longer care about? Take them to the consignment store. Or hold an old-fashioned garage sale. Just be careful you don’t spend the money on more stuff.
  • Give your items away to charity. Want to feel even better about getting rid of stuff? Take a box of items to Good Will or to a church with a donation center or one of those boxes you see in parking lots where you can drop off quality used items. You’ll have the satisfaction of helping others who might have been through a traumatic event like a house fire or losing a job.
  • Eliminate things to dust, clean, wash, and store. You can’t dust what you don’t have. You don’t have to find places for items you no longer own. The fewer things you have to take care of, the more time you free up from cleaning, storing, and worrying about those possessions. And the wide open space will make you feel like you have room to breathe.
  • Make room for what really matters. So maybe the spare bedroom has become the catchall place, but you’ve dreamed of having an art studio. Or maybe you’d like a dedicated place to work out. Decluttering can get you back in touch with your passion. You’re using the space in an uplifting, positive way instead of storing items that, in many cases, are no longer useful to you. You’re investing in something that brings you joy or challenges you rather than stuff.

So there you have it. Five good reasons to declutter. Are you motivated yet? Join me for a 7-day decluttering challenge running September 24 – 30 at A Rural Girl Writes. You just might get rid of a few things and have fun in the process!   Click here to find out more and join!  Margo says: “I just did and am ready to tackle my basement!”

Also, while you are here,  don’t forget to enter the photo caption contest and win prizes! It’s fun! It’s easy. It goes until September 30, 2018. 



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