4 Clear Signs Your Teenager is Ready for a Car

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You’ve been sitting in the passenger seat while you supervise your teenager driving for months now, and you suddenly notice how well they’re driving without you needing to guide too much anymore. It’s a big step and a big deal for this to be recognized because it means that the time you’ve spent teaching them and the test that they passed means that yes, they can comfortably drive their own car.

It can be difficult to let go of your teenager and let them drive on their own, particularly when you know the need for an accident attorney is high among teenagers due to the accident rates in cars. Car crashes are a number one killer of teenagers, and it’s important that your teenager is truly ready to take the wheel before you purchase a car for them to use. So, here below you’ll find four clear signs that your teenagers are ready to take the wheel of their own vehicle and go the distance as a safe driver.

They Have A Licence. Obvious? Yes, but it’s more than that. A licence doesn’t make a good driver, but there are plenty of support courses that a young driver can take to make sure that they are great on the road and know that they are doing well with their technique while they drive.

They Commit To Safe Driving. Teenagers of all ages need to commit to learning the rules of the road, and they also need to have it drummed in to them that they are responsible for more than just themselves when they choose to drive. There is this program  that can help your teenager understand the importance of their commitment to being safe drivers on the road.

You’ve Communicated. As a parent, you want your teenagers to be as safe as possible. Make conversation about their driving skills and strategies, not lecture them about what to do in certain situations. Talk to them, not at them, and celebrate their accomplishments while they learn their way.

They Ditch Their Cell Phones. If there is one lesson you can teach your teenager, it’s putting their cell down when they drive. Tell them to put it in the trunk of the car before they climb into the driving seat. This way, there is no temptation to answer a text or take a selfie or Snapchat their car journey. There is no feasible reason for cell phones to be in their hands while they’re driving, and this is one of the most important lessons you could impart on your teenager.

Your teenager needs to have their freedom, sure, but you need to make sure that you are setting them out onto the road with the right knowledge and the right smarts to be behind the wheel. You don’t want to send your child out into the road if they don’t know how to take responsibility for themselves. Be proud they’ve reached this point in their maturity: you’ve done well!


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