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Hidden Wonders of America

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America is an incredible place to visit; and if you find yourself exploring the land of the brave and the free, do yourself a favor! Forget the main tourist spots like Orlando and New York. While they each have unique wonders, you’ll be missing out on the true secrets of this wonderful country. To be honest, there’s a little slice of brilliance in each incredible state, but we’re just going to pick some of our favorite experiences that you might not have heard of.

Broadway, Here I Come

As promised, we’re skipping New York. Instead, it’s time to head to Nashville, where you will find Broadway and a rather different kind of road than the one you’ll discover in NYC. Broadway in New York is all about the theatre. In Nashville, it’s all about the music. The best part of this dazzling section of the city is that you can’t walk more than a couple hundred yards without hearing a different type of music echoing from a club or bar. It is an incredible amalgamation of different sights and sounds, which needs to be seen to be believed. There are lots of places to experience types of musical culture in America, such as the jazz bars in New Orleans. But only Broadway in Nashville bring them all together on one street.

Forget The Highway

Instead, seek out the incredible Route 66. You’ll find it runs from Chicago all the way to California. The roadway has fallen into a state of disrepair as of late, but it’s still the ultimate choice; and it is packed full of small sights and things to do that all add up to a remarkable American experience. You’ll see old neon motels, country diners and places that you would never find in a tourism guide. Even so, these places are worth visiting to experience old America in all it’s former glory.


Garden Of The Gods

We’re not really sure how best to describe this forgotten beauty of America, except perhaps, paradise? The name fits the location beautifully with towering rocky peaks and gorgeous sweeping meadows. To get the best glimpse of this wonder, you must visit just as the sun begins to fall below the mountains. You’ll find this little wonder in Colorado. It is home to incredible, ancient cave etchings as well as fire rings from 3000 years ago. If you take a trip here, you’ll also be journeying deep into the past.


Take That Niagara Falls

If you have your heart set on visiting a beautiful, monstrous waterfall, you might plan a trip to Niagara Falls. Instead, you should head to Washington. There you will discover Palouse Falls. It is a truly stunning waterfall with a 180 ft drop that plunges deep into a bowl-shaped valley. Truly stunning, daredevils have been known to take the plunge down the falls into the lake below. We wouldn’t recommend it though. 🙂

Are you ready to go out and explore some of these gems of America? We hope so. Add yours to the list in the comments below. 

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